Project Description

Helping Sales Reps Make the Most of Veeva CRM’s New Engage Feature

The Problem

Users were very excited when Veeva CRM rolled out its new Engage feature. This new feature would ensure that field reps could host compliant web conferencing with their clients, pharma reps, and other partners. But, as with any new system update, Engage required some training to ensure it was being used to its fullest potential. Theravance wanted to ensure their Veeva superusers, as well as their 50 field reps, were correctly using this new feature.

The Solution

Superusers and average users each have their own specific needs, which means custom curriculums for each group of individuals. Our global Veeva experts created a virtual training plan to walk users through Veeva CRM Engage, its use cases, and its benefits. Thorough documentation was also created so users could refer back to instructions as needed. After all, we all understand that adopting a new piece of software doesn’t happen overnight! Documentation also helps with knowledge retainment. Since the engagement has started, we’ve contracted with Theravance as a long-term partner to ensure they have the training and tools they need to adapt to any upcoming Veeva updates.

Let us help

Type: New Feature (Engage)

Application: Veeva CRM

Audience: Field Sales

  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training

  • Veeva CRM Documentation