Project Description

Project Management & Instructor-led CRM Training to 3000 Users Across Four Time Zones

The Challenge

A proprietary app is an ideal way to take unique business processes and automate them to fit your needs. However, training your thousands of employees in the custom app’s best practices is a major undertaking, something Boehringer-Ingelheim knew they would need help with when rolling out their custom analytics app Tableau. Boehringer’s internal team knew training was needed for this two-year, four-phase rollout, but didn’t have the staffing to take it on themselves and needed an expert to help them develop an efficient and cost-effective training approach.

The Solution

We worked closely with six analytics and insights project managers to develop customized training for the end-users in each of Boehringer’s four cohorts. Depending on their role, end-users were trained to use the application on either desktop (managers) or mobile (sales representatives). In total, over 30 different role-based versions were released. One version was added to include a product-based co-brand with another pharmaceutical company.

Due to 2020 COVID protocols, training was delivered by instructors virtually. We utilized training assets like quick reference cards, quick reference guides, and custom e-learns for the larger sales groups. We were also engaged to conduct developer training, due to poor efforts by other contractors. This included back-end database tools and constructing what has evolved into the 21st version of a 90-page playbook for their data catalog and business rule manager. This engagement has since turned into a long-term partnership both Boehringer and our LPW trainers deeply appreciate.

Let us help

Type: Application Rollout

Application: Salesforce

Audience: Sales & Marketing

  • Project Management

  • Training Documentation

  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training