Project Description

Salesforce Training & Curriculum Development for Global Manufacturer

The Challenge

With a large sales and marketing team out on the field and in the office, the efficient use of Salesforce was key to keeping leads engaged, communications consistent, and sales flowing through the pipeline. However, with inconsistent application practices and regulations between managers, this global pharmaceutical manufacturer was struggling to keep data and reporting accurate. Some users were Salesforce experts and others rarely used the application at all. And when new hires came on board, there was no set standard for how to train them. 

This customer needed to standardize the use of Salesforce across all field team members so that marketing and other departments had confidence in their data and ROI reporting. That’s where LPW came in.

The Solution

Our project managers worked closely with the customer’s sales and marketing leadership to identify their lead-to-opportunity process in Salesforce. Then, we helped develop best practices and business rules for how leads captured by marketing or discovered during a sales call make their way into the application. To keep practices consistent, we worked with management to define terminology, identify rules, and craft training communications. A training curriculum was delivered to the entire team, not only covering the Salesforce fundamentals for new hires but outlining the new rules and best practices established by leadership.

Let us help

Type: Application Rollout

Application: Proprietary CRM

Audience: Sales & Marketing

  • Process Review & Consulting

  • Custom Curriculum & Reference Materials

  • Instructor-Led Training