Project Description

Implementing Veeva RIM Suite Rollout & Digital Training for ESL Learners

The Situation

Santen needed an experienced Learning partner well-versed in Veeva’s Regulatory RIM Suite Vaults.

The Challenge

Significant technology changes, different terminology, the retirement of a legacy system, new work processes, and new, highly customized Vaults led to the complexity of this global rollout project. Santen needed a creative solution that would fit their budget and take any on-going training burden off their internal team. Their RIM users were scattered all over the world in various time zones and it was nearly impossible to schedule in-person or even virtual training.

The Solution

LPW developed a comprehensive Regulatory RIM Suite of eLearning modules for Santen. These role-based eLearning modules were highly interactive with simulations and Knowledge Checks throughout to ensure learner comprehension. Since English was a second language for many users, our designers and learning and development leads ensured that professional voiceover artists were secured to deliver materials at the appropriate pace. Closed captioning which could be toggled on or off depending on the learner’s preference was also implemented. This eLearning curriculum not only solved the logistic issues of rollout training but also provided a consistent, sustainable RIM learning program for all on-going new hires. This took all ongoing training off Santen employees so they could focus on other tasks.

Business Impact

The eLearning program was very successful – particularly, it was well received from the English as a Second Language learners. Santen was pleased with the rollout results and the proficiencies the users demonstrated while using the new system. In fact, our partnership with Santen has been so successful that our teams continue to engage in learning projects. We recently produced a new eLearning program for additional software for Santen.

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Type: New Vault Training

Application: RIM Suite Vaults

Audience: Global