Project Description

Creating Refreshing & Engaging Lunch ‘n’ Learns for New Hires

The Challenge

How do you successfully engage new hires so that they not only understand what’s expected of them but come to adopt your values and your culture? Boehringer-Ingelheim knew their training for new marketing hires could use a refresh. It wasn’t digestible and the employees had trouble retaining the information. Twelve training topics each year were created, associated with developing skills to support the strategic goals of the organization. But in addition to new topics, there was also a backlog of topics to convert into a more engaging format.

The Solution

Boehringer had the idea to turn the training topics into Lunch ‘n’ Learns. We worked with them to create story-based Quick Learns videos to incorporate into these quick learning sessions. Each of these videos is 5 to 8 minutes in length, with an avatar telling a story that relates to the employees, their skills, and their experiences. These videos accompany slides and other training materials. They were so well received that an entire library of categorized topics has been created, dating back several years. New employees now have their training in an engaging and easy-to-understand format.

Let us help

Type: New Hire Training

Audience: Sales & Marketing

  • 30+ Quick Learn Videos