Project Description

Paving the Way for Virtual Instructor-Led Training on Veeva CRM

The Challenge

Virtual employee training may be all the rage now, but pre-pandemic, virtual training was a hurdle that very few businesses wanted to attempt. How do you train thousands of employees, in hundreds of locations, with multiple skillsets, at the same time? How do you make the training “stick” when there are so many distractions, from cell phones to kids to pets? Those were questions Sanofi Bridgewater turned to LPW to answer, especially when Veeva CRM unveiled the new Engage feature that required their attention.

The Solution

Our team was ahead of the curve when it came to virtual learning. Virtual training was rare in 2019, so LPW had to do some research to figure out the best approach for this ‘new’’ type of training. To make the virtual employee training fun and interactive, an entirely new curriculum had to be developed. Not to mention, we had to ensure we were meeting everyone’s various learning strategies. But this research didn’t go to waste! When the pandemic hit in 2020, LPW was fortunately prepared and ahead of the game with the Sanofi teams. We had already created a 3-day training program to train Sales Reps on Veeva CRM and Engage. This training included two trainers who worked together to deliver a sophisticated and interactive training scenario.

But even when sales reps were far apart, we wanted to make sure training could bring them together. Included in the virtual training were breakout rooms where the sales reps could work together on exercises. Polling questions are used throughout the training, so there’s lots of participation. And cameras are always on, which helps keep everyone engaged.

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Type: New Feature (Engage)

Application: Veeva CRM

Audience: Field Sales

  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training