Project Description

Creating a Comprehensive Digital Curriculum for New Veeva CRM Users

The Challenge

Keeping new hire training up to date ensures new hires are delivering value to customers. However, Novo Nordisk’s Veeva CRM new hire program was out of date and, thus, unusable.  They needed to put together a mixed media digital curriculum for Veeva CRM for all Sales, Medical, and Educational new hires to bring their employees back up to speed. However, they didn’t have the in-house resources to create such a robust learning platform. So Novo Nordisk approached LPW to put together a comprehensive digital New Hire training on Veeva CRM/Medical. 

The Solution

Novo Nordisk had two distinct teams that required training, so we also broke up our team into two groups to better accommodate their needs: Team 1 was assembled to primarily handle the sales team training while Team 2 handled the medical and educational teams’ training. Four Interactive learning guides and three Quick Learns were created as an introductory set to accommodate immediate needs while keeping the project on budget. Near the project’s end, Team 1 and Team 2 were coordinated by our project management team to work in parallel to produce the remaining four Quick Learns and seven e-learns. An additional introductory Quick Learn kicked off the whole series. All deliverables were written, created, quality checked, and approved at a rate that the customer could assimilate with their heavy workload and delivered three weeks before the due date.

Let us help

Application: Veeva CRM 

Audience: Field Sales & Medical Teams

  • Custom Curriculum Development

  • e-Learn & Quick Guide Creation