Project Description

Creating Training Consistency Across Departments

The Challenge

A consistent employee training strategy is important when it comes to employee engagement, communications, and company culture. But at Horizon Pharmaceuticals, there was no standard delivery of training for new hires or existing field team members. Some departments invested a lot of time into training, while others did not. And there was no clear communication on what digital tools were available to the field. Some field reps relied heavily on Veeva while others didn’t understand the features they needed to grow their sales territory. This was leading to inconsistency when it came to both employee and customer experience. Horizon needed a way to develop a central employee training strategy that would ensure all field representatives followed the same processes.

The Solution

When LPW came on, we were tasked with identifying Horizon’s pain points and developing a training plan that would address both immediate and long-term training needs. The first step came in identifying the Veeva capabilities at Horizon’s disposal and then creating a learning plan for a standard training approach across all business units. This required a combination of delivery methods such as e-learns, quick learns, face-to-face end-user training, job aids, and reference materials. As the COVID-19 pandemic impacted businesses around the globe, we also worked digital media into our training plans, emphasizing its benefits when it comes to staying in touch with customers. Overall, standardization has been implemented in the way training is delivered and how long training lasts to ensure there is a similar experience across units.

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Type: Application Rollout

Application: Veeva CRM with Engage

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