Project Description

Undertaking a Massive Change Management Challenge to Condense 250 Global Workflows

The Situation

After evaluating their current solutions, P&G looked to standardize their GPS business process around the globe with a more consistent, comprehensive, and customized data platform. This was a huge shift in work processes and behavior. P&G sought LPW to help with change management, UAT training, and global rollout training.

The Challenge

P&G was undergoing huge workflow changes: as many as 250 different global workflows were being reduced to 9 global workflows. Different terminology, the retirement of two legacy systems, new work processes, and a new, customized data platform led to the complexity of this global rollout project. Change management execution was crucial to its success of the project.

The Solution

A Bottom-Up/Top-Down Approach was taken to build the Change Management and Training Plan for this custom solution. LPW created a strategic roadmap and formal training plan to support all requirements for a successful implementation. Our instructional methodology was based on a comprehensive five-phase development and delivery model: Discover, Develop, Deliver, Measure & Continue.

Deliverables included eLearning and Quick Reference Guides for the first phase of this project, including the creation of work instructions by role and functional group. We first studied how employees accomplish their daily tasks in the two legacy systems and then mapped how they would complete these tasks in the new system. Other deliverables for this customer include:

  • Work Process Development – Day-in-the-life job shadowing and observation workshops were performed with identified SMEs from primary P&G sectors, followed by touch points with regional SMEs to review work processes and identify gaps. The output of these workshops was a set of written work instructions that were evaluated for their application in the new system.
    • Day-in-the-life Job Shadowing: Five on-site days and three virtual follow-up meetings were used to establish everyday processes using data in the old legacy systems, analyzing how that info will be transferred to the new system.
    • Work Process Collaboration: The job shadowing process notes were cleaned up and reviewed by a small, designated committee to determine best practices for using the new system to solve the needs for daily work.
    • Written Work Instructions: Written, approved documentation to show how to solve daily business activities with the integrated use of the new system. Used to support UAT and to assist with training.
Business Impact

This multi-year project was rolled out in phases. As a result, the project provided much more granular data, efficiencies, and global harmonization. The learning curve was flattened by a comprehensive training plan which included pre-training, training, and post training activities to reinforce knowledge and increase competencies. Additionally, P&G engaged LPW in two new RIM implementations in 2021.

Let us help

Type: Application Rollout

Audience: Global

By the Numbers:

350 End Users Trained
Across 100 Countries

What the Stakeholders Said:

The Work Instructions were an invaluable resource during our UAT but more importantly, they serve as a day-in-the-life job aid tool!

The eLearning modules were really well done. They are a great way to provide consistent training to our global end user community.